Printer’s Alley

4 May

Tiffany M. Roberts

Between Church and Union Streets and Third and Fourth Avenues, North

Tiffany M. Roberts

Nashville is a growing city with a big southern loving heart that has an open mind.  The streets that make up this town are filled with excitement and endless possibilities for both the people that live here and those just passing through. For some Nashville could be could be considered the small town atmosphere with its loving heart and welcoming attitude, but it is with the endless possibilities of things to do day or night that gives it is richness and uniqueness that many ask for in a big city.

It is clearly evident that when thinking of Nashville it sings out loud with pride as the Music City home. With places such as Grand Ole Opry House, The Ryman Auditorium, The Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) and so many others, is the reason why music is at home within the city limits.  With most of these places the genre of country music definitely comes to mind, however Nashville is known for its multicultural atmosphere.

This multicultural atmosphere can be found lurking in the streets all over downtown, however there is one particular street that it can definitely be found on and that is Printer’s Alley. Printer’s Alley is located downtown between Church and Unions Streets and Third and Fourth Avenues, North.  One would recognize it because there is huge iron neon sign stretching across the streets. Printer’s Alley inherited its name because in the past there were many printing companies that were located on this street.  This area was the home to both The Tennessean and the Nashville Banner newspapers. Over the years as printing companies moved to new locations for various reasons, the area began to pick up on the music scene and offered a different form of entertainment and gained its reputation as the Men’s Quarter. These night clubs such as Rainbow Room, Black Poodle, and Voo Doo Lounge were several that offered entertainment in the form of burlesque dancers.  David “Skull” Schulman was at the time the owner of these nightclubs the Rainbow Room and the Black Poodle. Overall Printer’s Alley quickly became known as the dark alleyway and was the place where you could get anything.

Currently at night this alleyway comes to life with such places as Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar, Ms. Kellie’s, The Brass Stables and several other clubs that occupied the area.  If one is curious and chooses to venture down this alleyway they might also want to check out Ms. Kellie’s, because it is claimed as one of the best Karaoke bars in Nashville. Printer’s Alley now features different genres of live music all the time and periodically it hosts bigger celebrities within its quarter, and it is now really know for it universal entertainment.

Tiffany M. Roberts

Tiffany M. Roberts

Tiffany M. Roberts

Tiffany M. Roberts

Tiffany M. Roberts

Tiffany M. Roberts

Tiffany M. Roberts


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