4 May


By Ashley Douglas

Notorious for its booming music industry, Nashville certainly lives up to its nickname, “Music City.”  It would only be fitting that the heart of Nashville would feature an area known as, Music Row.  Music Row is a dedication to the city’s number one tourist attraction and is home to over one hundred music related businesses.


Alan LeQuire’s sculpture, “Musica,” sits directly in the center of the Music Row roundabout, giving any mobile observer a 360 degree view.  “Musica” portrays nine nude figures dancing and celebrating.  “Musica” stands at a total of thirty-eight feet, with each figure measuring somewhere between fourteen to fifteen feet, making it one of the largest group sculptures in the United States.  LeQuire crafted each figure out of a combination of bronze and limestone.

The nine figures depicted in “Musica,” are all participating in a dance, something that goes hand in hand with music.  The composition of the statue is incredibly grandeur and celebratory and though it is not a sign or logo, “Musica,” operates similarly.  Adding “Musica” to Music Row functions as a visual icon and permanent tribute to an industry that continues to be economically significant to Nashville.

Not only is “Musica,” celebrating the significance of the music industry, it is also commemorating the racial diversity that Nashville entails.  LeQuire modeled the figures after a variety of races, inspired by live models of Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, and African American decent and for this reason, the figures are depicted nude.  The nude figures caused several people to become uncomfortable, and in 2010 a group of individuals clothed figures.  LeQuire responded to the upset few by stating, “The work is entirely tasteful and not at all sexualized.”


The location and symbolism of “Musica,” has caused it to become a significant part of Nashville’s design history.


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