The Greatest Escape

3 May

The sighn for what is now The Great Escape Super Store. Located at 5400 Charlotte Avenue
Nashville, TN 37209

My landmark project is on the number one Nashville comic book store, The Great Escape. It was started by Gary Walker and his family in 1977. He got the business idea from his son who loved to read Spider-Mancomics. They started off small with buying comics and selling them in flea markets. Within one month a second store opened in Louisville, Kentucky and became a power-player in Nashville’s collectible community. In 1979, the original shop was moved up two blocks to 1925 Broadway. Last year, after thirty years, the Broadway store closed down and combined with The Great Escape on Charlotte to form The Great Escape Super-Store. The stores combining had to do with the flood two years ago. The Great Escape has been my go-to comic book store for about four years now. There is always a wonderful selection to choose from and the staff is pretty helpful when you need it.

The Great Escape uses two different typefaces, the first is Arial Black. The second, and my favorite, has a bit of an Art Deco look to it. Sadly, it is from the store that use to be on Broadway. Hopefully they kept it for memorabilia or my heart will be torn in two.

 By: Austin Washington

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